Mark Veevers


Mark is an accomplished Executive and FinTech Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the Investment Management sector, demonstrating a profound ability to navigate the complexities of both business and technical streams. His career spans across managing and collaborating with large blue-chip clients throughout Europe, the US, and Asia, leading large internal teams and managing strategic client relationships at the steering group and C level. Mark's strong commercial awareness is built upon a solid foundation of experience across both pre-sales and post-sales frameworks. As the visionary behind MAIA's strategic direction, Mark is at the forefront of evangelising the technology stack that underpins client solutions, working closely with MAIA’s talented technical team to deliver bespoke solutions to the global investment community. Before his pivotal role at MAIA, Mark honed his skills within the investment management sector and co-founded a FinTech business, which achieved significant success leading to its acquisition in 2016. Under Mark's leadership, MAIA has thrived on complexity to revolutionise the asset management process. The multi-asset system, designed from inception to enhance client-centric solutions, embodies flexibility and collaboration. At the heart of MAIA’s innovative solutions is an advanced technology that is continuously evolving. Mark passionately believes in MAIA’s transformative potential to streamline operations, drive efficiency, and foster growth for clients. His enthusiasm and belief in the product make his role not just a job, but a gratifying journey towards redefining industry standards and achieving unprecedented success.