Magnus Rannala


Magnus is an alumnus of both Durham University and The University of Birmingham, where he obtained a masters’ in Physics and Nuclear Physics, respectively. After graduating, Magnus started his career in the Nuclear industry where he worked as a Consultant Nuclear Physicist. This led him all over the UK where he was lucky enough to be involved in a plethora of nuclear projects ranging from decommissioning ageing power plants and research facilities to design work related to the British fleet of Nuclear Submarines and many things in between. After looking for a new challenge, Magnus made the switch to the financial industry, joining the small start-up Cassini, where he pioneered the inception of the Client Delivery team. Over the last 5 years, Magnus has grown this team from a one-man operation to a global team with members operating out of 4 time zones across the globe. During this time, he has developed a detailed understanding of financial derivatives and capital markets, specialising in margin analytics across bilaterally traded, cleared ETD products. Magnus’ primary strengths are problem-solving and leadership, which he continues to develop on a daily basis. Working with his exceptional team, he continues to develop the way in which client problems can be solved using innovative solutions, domain knowledge expertise and Cassini’s software offering, whilst ensuring the best possible customer experience. Coaching and mentoring are a big part of Magnus’ career and development. Outside of his Cassini responsibilities, Magnus continues to be an active mentor of the University of Lancaster’s Professional Mentoring Programme, where he helps guide and develop young adults as they prepare to navigate the working world. In the future Magnus hopes to use the skills and experience he has gained in growing a team and company to help other companies develop and one day grow his own. Energy and sustainability remain a passion of his, and the ideal goal is to one day have a material impact in solving the energy and sustainability challenges threatening our way of life. Outside of his professional life, Magnus is kept busy by his 1-year old, is a keen hiker, and sea swimmer.