Kevin LoPrimo


Kevin has been providing prime brokerage services to hedge funds, family offices, small broker dealers and prop traders for over 38 years. He started his career at Goldman Sachs in NY, whom he worked for, for almost 19 years and included stints in NY, Tokyo and London. He was providing a prime brokerage service to the initial hedge fund managers in the early to mid 1980’s, which is before the term Prime Brokerage was even used. In 1989 he was part of the Securities Industry Association (SIA), Prime Brokerage committee, which lobbied the Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) to create the No-Action letter which was adopted in January 1994 and still governs the industry today in the United States. In the ladder part of his career he started to focus on providing those same prime services to start up and hedge funds with smaller amounts of Assets under Management (AUM). This paved the way to creating the first boutique Prime Broker outside of the US, here in the UK. Some also call this a Mini-Prime or Prime of Primes. This service also focused on introducing the HF managers to other service providers willing to work with start ups and funds with smaller amounts of AUM, like fund administrators, legal and compliance firms as well as tech support firms. Kevin’s services in the industry has earned him multiple awards from 3 different industry magazines. Kevin also has interest in a private tech company and is on the board of Trustees for a charity for the London Warriors American Football Club.