Katie Gough


Katie is Director of Account Management at ECI based out of London. ECI are an all-in partner that delivers the highest echelon of tech-integrated business support. ECI have earned their reputation as a leading global technology solutions provider by combining decades of industry experience with fresh-thinking momentum to optimize every facet of performance, productivity, and protection. Having been with ECI for over 10 years, Katie has held various roles, enabling her to hone the skills needed to understand what is important to ECI clients and what they need from their technology partner. She has adeptly navigated significant changes across the market and client base during that time. Her proven track record showcases her prowess in driving successful client relationships and contributing significantly to the company’s growth and continued success. Katie's ability to navigate complex business landscapes and her strategic mindset make her an invaluable asset in cultivating and maintaining key relationships with ECIs largest clients.