Gus Morison


Gus is the CEO founder of AYU & HedgeBrunch, two companies focused on forging connections and building trusted networks and community in the alternative investment world. Working principally with hedge funds, family offices and institutional investors (yet increasingly across the alts spectrum) HedgeBrunch (event led) and AYU (tech led, a sort of private LinkedIn for hedge funds) complement each other have been growing healthily since foundation in 2013 and 2018 respectively. Their audience and members include the world’s largest hedge funds alongside the most private and boutique asset managers. Regular events and a far-reaching yet exclusive digital membership network combine to form the core offerings. Gus is focused principally on how ideas, capital, and opportunity can be connected most efficiently and most effectively, believing that the old-school private capital brokerage model to be wildly outdated, overpriced, and cumbersome. “In this new hybrid world we’re all working in, technology, events and experience can be combined to create a far more exciting, personal and faster-moving way to connect today’s capital with tomorrow’s returns. We take a people-first, product-second approach, where nothing is more important than the individual. We want to build bonds of personal connection, shared experience and trust more than anything. That is what our little tribe is all about”. In addition to helming the two sibling businesses, Gus is a member of the Prince’s Trust Board. Currently he is working on the trust’s young philanthropy campaign Rise 2025 – a group of young professionals aged between 21 to 45 who are committed to transforming the lives of others and creating social change. Rise 2025 is a cause he is passionate about as it focuses on funding and offering support and empowerment rather than simple cash donation.