Gemma Magee


Gemma started her career in 2000. Her first role for a hedge fund start up was in 2003 with a long short equity fund before moving to a quant hedge fund start up. She has worked across a variety of managers, both large and small. Her last role was at Fundsmith before setting up Comsura in 2018. In addition to compliance, her in-house experience includes the COO function, operations and trading and she is also a qualified accountant. Since 2018 she has helped many firms become regulated with the FCA and provided set up support as well as ongoing compliance advice to a variety of different hedge fund of varying strategies and sizes. Comsura’s works with its clients to provide a hands on and tailored approach to compliance with the ability to work with different areas of the business and provide thoughtful practical advice. Originally focusing on FCA regulation, the firm has expanded its service offering to provide US compliance and COO support. Like Gemma, the team have spent the majority of their careers working in house at asset management firms. The most recent addition to the team is Maria Moral who has joined as a Partner and Senior Consultant. She is responsible for compliance monitoring and risk management services. The team firmly believe each client deserves bespoke support.