Gareth Broekmann


Gareth Broekmann is a dynamic and innovative MD & Co-founder of Charles Square (CSq) with extensive experience in the technology and finance sectors. With a passion for efficiency and sustainability. He founded Charles Square in 2014, a Technology Services Partner, with the mindset of providing the finance sector and regulated businesses globally, with a true 360 IT solution, allowing clients to focus on their business. Prior to founding Charles Square Gareth gained valuable experience working within the Asset Manager and MSP space where he gained invaluable insights into the nuanced technology needs within the finance domain. Away from the intensity of business, Gareth finds balance and motivation in sports; his passion for hockey, golf and squash exemplifies the same strategic mindset and competitive zeal he brings to his entrepreneurial ventures. More than an astute businessman, Gareth is committed to societal betterment through philanthropy and champions sustainable practices within his company, reflecting a deep-seated belief in the power of business to effect positive change.