Amelia Davies


Joining Murano at its inception in 2011, I have worked across both the research and business development arms of the firm. It is nostalgic to think back to the early days of the company, where just four of us were crammed into a tiny office, working to create and build something a bit different, and something that would be useful and valuable for our first handful of clients. We have come a long way as a firm, having now worked with a few hundred different asset managers globally, spanning all asset classes, as well as having spoken with many thousands of institutional investors, and counting. Over the years we have worked hard to constantly make enhancements and improvements to our service offering, while maintaining the same simple yet unique model that fills a gap that we saw in the market. Murano has grown, but we will never be a huge firm, so the value each employee can bring is immeasurable. Our ethos has always been rooted in empathy with both the investor and the fund manager, we need to be helpful to both for this to work. My focus at Murano has been to grow our client base sustainably and we take pride in the calibre of our clients. We have always sought to build long term relationships and it never fails to amaze me how small this industry can be sometimes. As the core business has matured, it is these relationships and the many lessons we have learned through years of speaking with the industry on such a large scale, while watching funds succeed and others fail, that led us to launch Murano Consulting.