Alex Mendez


Alex has developed a venerable Cyber Security Consultancy, that empowers clients to comprehend their current cyber security posture while facilitating certifications through attestation. With a focus on developing, verifying, and enforcing regulatory and compliance policies, Remora specialises in crafting bespoke projects for organisations. These projects span from cyber strategies to staff awareness and supply chain fortification, encompassing security and compliance architectural reviews, risk assessments, privacy impact evaluations, vulnerability assessments, virtual CISO, and GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) services. With deep-seated roots in banking and finance, Alex ensures Remora adopts a holistic approach to corporate cyber security, addressing challenges across people, premises, systems, and processes. By equipping CEOs with comprehensive tools for informed decision-making, Remora enables proactive control over cyber threats. Alex’s commitment lies in delivering tailored services, eschewing the one-size-fits-all approach. As an independent London-based cyber security consultancy, Remora boasts a diverse clientele spanning Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Private Equity Firms, as well as entities within the FTSE 100/250 spectrum and smaller charities. Renowned as trusted advisors, Remora assists companies in implementing best practices for cyber threat prevention, detection, and response. The company's expertise and market focus amalgamate to provide a unique blend of professional proficiency and personalised service to a wide array of clients. Seamlessly integrating a full spectrum of services, Remora applies strategic frameworks to critical organisational activities vital for bolstering cyber defence posture: encompassing people, physical access, processes, networks, and applications. In surpassing the milestone of 300 clients, Remora achieved a remarkable feat—none of its clients experienced a cyber breach, reputational damage, or loss of data or financial assets. Remora concentrates on individual clients within the UHNW or HNW space and commercial firms in the Hedge Fund, Private Equity, and Family Office sectors, prioritising the preservation of reputation and safeguarding of assets.