The Art of Tailored Marketing: In Conversation with Kate dos Santos, Founder of LaceWing Media

3rd April 2023

We are thrilled to announce our latest interview featuring Kate dos Santos the Founder of LaceWing Media and another of our Top 100 most influential people, Kate has been recognised for the significant impact on the industry she has had and in our interview, we delve into her thoughts about how she hopes to continue to shape the future of technology.

Kate is not from what is traditionally considered an MSP, so it is great to see her recognised as a service provider.

Can you provide an overview of your company’s history and how it has evolved over the years?

I started out as a self-employed consultant, working specifically with firms in the alternative investments space. Our sector is extremely specialised, so I chose to focus here and become as knowledgeable as possible to support client needs. There was definitely a gap for cost-effective, modern and flexible marketing solutions and for a business that values working with smaller as well as mid-sized clients and being part of their growth. Over the last 5 years, we have grown into a successful, nimble business that I believe challenges some of the larger, more traditional players in the marketplace. I am really proud of our progress so far.

If you could travel back in time and give advice to yourself on your first day in this role, what would it be?

No one starts where they end up or with all the answers. Never be afraid to seek advice and to clarify things when you are not sure. I have benefitted from the guidance of mentors as my business has grown, and I have had to make tough business decisions. I would advise myself to seek out those mentors at the very beginning of my journey.

What drew you to this industry and what keeps you motivated in this field?

This is a growth industry. We work with several clients who all require a very different marketing strategies; every client is unique. As well as retained marketing services, we are also the team who creates client communications and responses to event-driven activities so, you can imagine, that keeps us motivated and busy. Our clients are at the forefront of their own specialisms, and their expectation is that we are at the top of our game too.

Can you share any lessons learned or best practices that you have established over the years in delivering managed services to this sector?

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated, regardless of their role or seniority. Deliver what you say you are going to, and if there is a delay or issue, be open about it. Our position with clients means we often know information ahead of it becoming public, so discretion and trustworthiness are crucial.

Can you share a particularly memorable experience you’ve had while working with clients in this sector?

My community of friends, clients and partners in the industry are just brilliant. There has been a lot of laughter, some tears and some really tough periods, but I love what I do and will continue to be engaged and excited by the opportunities that my clients and I work together on.

How has the rise of technology impacted your company’s approach to managed services?

Marketing is a profession that will always require a creative approach. Where, without a doubt, technology can support how we innovate, I view it as an important part of our overall strategy rather than our starting point. AI is a really useful tool, and we see great potential for this in the future. What AI can’t do is show wisdom, and emotion or add the foresight and personality that great thought leadership needs.

How does your company ensure that it stays ahead of the competition in terms of technology and innovation?

We are agile in our approach and maintain a personal touch with all clients. Each client is very different, and we start with a good understanding of our clients’ cultures and goals. Our job is to listen, understand, support and then deliver solutions. The highly personalised service we provide means that the part played by technology can vary.

What do you see as the key to success in this industry, both for yourself and for the companies you work with?

I believe that relationships are still, and always will be, the most important element of my business. Delivering an outsourced marketing solution and strategy involves having a genuine understanding of individuals and the business. I really enjoy the time I spend with our clients and seeing how our services can help them achieve their goals.