Caipiteal LTD Aims to Solve Generational Wealth Problems Once and For All

14th February 2023

Caipiteal is an investing company based out of Dublin, Ireland. In a world where 10% of millionaires declare bankruptcy, 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the second generation and 90% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the third generation. Caipiteal increases the chance of an individual or family remaining wealthy to close to 100%. Caipiteal will pay you, and all your descendants for as long as financial markets survive. They also have other auxiliary services, with one example being that they can change one charitable donation into annual charitable donations that last forever.

Along with catering to high net worth individuals and families, Caipiteal also services institutional grade investors such as fund managers, pension funds and family offices. The company offers this grade of investors a solution to invest in an ultra macro long fund that can reduce their risk profile and increase their long term propensity to obtain significant returns.

Generational Wealth Investment Strategy and Rubric

The caipiteal investing strategy is designed based on investing advice from both Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham. Buffett once noted that if the wealthiest families had invested all their capital in the S&P 500 back in 1900 they would all still be the wealthiest families today. Instead they took risks and the family ranking list significantly shifted.

Essentially the Caipiteal strategy is focused on allowing investors to invest in the civilization itself growing in the long term, as opposed to attempting to select individual high potential equities to bet on. Caipiteal achieves this by investing in the top equity index funds of the top 25 countries that are not on any United Nations or European Union sanctions lists. The percentage of capital that is allocated to each country's index fund is determined by the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and investments are weighted based on the total percentage of global GDP a country’s GDP represents. The portfolio is therefore continuously rebalanced as new GDP figures come out. In layman terms what this means is you will be more invested in larger economic countries such as the USA or China but as emerging markets grow investment will be proportionately shifted towards them.

Benjamin Boyle MBA, Caipiteal CEO, has been quoted saying:

Caipiteal is essentially the casino that every other business is playing in. If you are the CEO of a company your ultimate goal is to have it listed in the top index fund of your country. Therefore by investing in the way we do Caipiteal and our investors become the holders of the absolute best companies, composed of the best management teams. The house always wins in the long run and Caipiteal is that house as we are invested in the civilisation as opposed to betting on parts of it!

On the Caipiteal website you will find a wide range of financial analysis documents that openly allow you to analyze the mathematical backbone of the fund strategy. Caipiteal has run 17 years of backtesting and over 40,000 years of Monte Carlo simulations of their generational wealth vehicle and all indications mathematically point towards yourself and your family’s wealth growing indefinitely.


You can be sure your family’s wealth is secure and growing forever as one of the prerequisites for investing with Caipiteal, as a non institutional investor, is that you can never remove the initial principle or 50% of the profits. The profits are then used to compound in your investment gains, ensuring your family wealth is always secure and growing. The average expected return is approximately 11.5% per year, however as this is an ultra long term fund you can expect large fluctuations in this value as the economy goes through its natural cycle of boom and bust. This is irrelevant in the long term as you won’t be one of the families that gets wiped out in bust cycle times if you are invested with Caipiteal.


Caipiteal is run by Benjamin J Boyle MBA. Benjamin has 4 business and investing qualifications and has been recognised as a thought leader in City AM magazine. He has spoken on shows and at conferences all around the world on various thought leadership topics in the investing space. Forbes speculated that Benjamin cracked the stock market back in 2017. That stock market crack earned him 1,200% in 10 days as he trialed the mathematical equation investing in the Dow Jones 30 index. Further to this Benjamin has also cracked a casino game that can earn money 3 times a second with a chance of loss only once in 1,000 years.


Caipiteal is a no frills hedge fund and doesn’t claim to be. The fund is one that acts quite similar to wealth insurance in that the goal is to maintain long term Generational Wealth by having a very close correlation to the international financial markets. The entire premise of the Caipiteal fund is that our civilization will continue to grow and develop, and who are we to argue as first came fire, then the wheel and now we are in the era of space travel and Artificial Intelligence. Investing in Caipiteal means you are always invested in the top companies and teams and are always invested in everything our civilization considers to be of significant value at any given time.

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