Sophie Phelan


Sophie is the Head of Digital at Lacewing Media Limited, a specialist marketing agency supporting the Professional Services Sector. She began her career by developing a marketing role in a consumer-facing business where she continued to expand her skillset in design and digital marketing before joining Lacewing Media at the start of 2022.

In College, Sophie studied both Visual Arts and STEM subjects which have allowed her to pursue various avenues within digital and traditional marketing, including gaining experience with an array of different design software and marketing platforms. Throughout her time at Lacewing Media, Sophie has embraced the challenges which have arisen as a result of working in an often demanding and fast-paced industry and has been supported to gain the confidence required to allow her to take the lead on client projects within the team. To enhance the development of both her career and Lacewing Media’s internal knowledge base, Sophie is currently undertaking a series of in-person and virtual courses to learn to code, viewing the skill as an opportunity to combine her passions around maths, design and problem solving. Her interests, background and non-traditional pathway into the sector allow her to provide clients with innovative solutions to support their unique requirements and she is proud to have played an instrumental role in the growth and breadth of Lacewing’s internal service offering.