Andrew Eglinton


Having moved to London in the middle of COVID from a small, coastal town in Scotland in pursuit of a career in Financial Services, I was lucky enough to be taken on as an Investor Analyst at Murano Connect. Now, through hard work and some strong performance, I have progressed through the company to become the sole Senior Associate at the firm. Throughout my journey, I have led both our North American and Global Research teams, speaking to over 1000 institutional allocators about their mandates, and raising close to $100m in assets for our fund manager client base.

In my time at the firm, we have continued to grow the business and increase the overall quality of the service that we provide for our fund clients, in helping them raise assets for their funds across asset classes. Within my current role, I work closely with our Head of Research to maintain consistent quality across our investor outreach and client management efforts. Seeing the longer term picture, I am now far more aware of the future potential of the business and its ability to keep improving. This has led me to now being heavily involved in the recruitment of new analysts, as well as their training, which includes asset class theory, investor lead sourcing and cold outreach to allocators.

The role has also enabled me to travel to the US on numerous occasions, attending conferences such as ALTS, and meeting my clients based across the pond face to face, strengthening these relationships. My progress in this short time period has opened my eyes to the many different opportunities in Financial Services, with the stark reminder that I am only just getting started, with much more progress to be achieved. I am incredibly excited to continue to enhance the skills that I have gained so far and take the business to new heights.