Abby O'Donovan


Abby is a sought after operational executive in the corporates space. She joined RFA, a market leading MSP eighteen months ago on her return to the UK after a successful stint in the United Arab Emirates. Abby has a diverse skill set and business acumen which have been acquired through her wide-ranging experience of working within different economic sectors (Primary, Secondary and Quaternary sectors) including construction, investment banking and global oil, energy and sustainability. She has seamlessly transitioned into the Service Provision and uses her strategic thinking and problem solving abilities to make an impactful difference to the organisation.

Abby has the rare ability to remain operationally effective under great pressure – A necessary business and personality trait in the alternatives service sector. She has a high degree of emotional intelligence and commercial awareness which is evident in her customer focus and leadership qualities. Her previous roles in wider industry have tested her abilities to adapt and think creatively in order to deliver within tight timelines without compromising on strong client emphasis and attention to detail. A key strength lies in her understanding of customers’ perspective, motivations, and pain points in order to assess how business solutions can help.

Her work with the team at RFA and her daily contact with each department and the business leadership structure means she has an unrivalled understanding of every area of the organisation. Her knowledge and capabilities of operational management at an MSP continue to advance making her an essential part of the team.