47 Alex Mendez

Remora under the leadership of Alex Mendez has grown significantly through 2020, this is due to Alex splitting the Cyber Security offering into 2 distinct elements.

Remora are a long-established Cyber Security Consultancy, that enables clients to understand their current cyber security posture, and enables clients to gain certifications through attestation. Remora also develops, verifies, and enforces regulatory and compliance policies and procedures. Remora specialise in developing bespoke projects for organisations, ranging from cyber strategies, to staff awareness and supply chain hardening. Including security and compliance architectural review, risk assessments, privacy impact assessments, vulnerability assessments, virtual CISO and GDPR Data Protection Officer (DPO) services.

Remora has deep roots in banking and finance with a holistic approach to corporate cyber security. Remora addresses the problem from all angles: people, premises, systems, and processes.  Remora gives CEO’s the tools to take control and make informed decisions.

Remora provides a comprehensive tailored service, not a one-size-fits-all solution, and are an independent London-based cyber security consultancy with a client base of Hedge Funds, Family Offices’ and Private Equity Firms as well as clients from FTSE 100/250 companies to smaller charities.

Remora are trusted advisors for companies who want to know how to apply best practices to cyber threat prevention, detection, and response. Remora’s experience and market focus enables us to offer a rare blend of professional expertise and personal service to a wide range of clients. We offer a full range of seamlessly integrated services. We apply these strategies to the core areas of organisational activities that are critical to your cyber defence posture: people, physical access, process, network, and applications.

In 2020 having passed 100 clients, not one client suffered a cyber breach or any reputational damage or loss of data assets or financial assets. Remora focus on individual clients who would be described as UHNW or HNW space and for commercial firms within the Hedge Fund, Private Equity and Family Office space, who want to protect their reputation and protect their assets.