Sasha Writes

Sasha is an experienced writer who has concentrated on writing about the things that matter for financial institutions.

Twoandtwenty are delighted Sasha will be producing compelling, uniquely-written “how to” investigative articles, guides to the service provision for financial institutions, as well as focusing on some of the characters and personalities in the Mayfair and St James’s environs.

Has Covid-19 Made Family Offices Richer?

Research into the family offices depicts a good number of the super-rich were able to overcome 2020’s financial market storm. This comes when the less wealthy have either been rendered redundant, seen their pensions collapse or, savings depletion.

What is a Virtual Family Office?

In light of vast technological advancements and talented professionals, the VFO model is rapidly growing and, as a result, proving to be a superior option to traditional family offices.

How Will ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Evolve for Private Equity Funds in 2021/2022

Amidst a rough pandemic-stricken year, 2020 marked the first year the investment in environmental, social and governance (ESG) direct funds topped US$1 trillion. The boom for ESG investing hastened the public consciousness and investor proclivity for a long term and sustainable investment strategy. 

How Activism Affects Hedge Funds

From as early as the 1900s, hedge fund activism has drastically risen as a prevalent corporate governance mechanism, a profitable investment strategy, and as a  broader theme for shareholder activism.

Why Family Offices Benefit from using MSPs?

In the current competitive economic environments, meeting client expectations is a fundamental requirement for every business; family offices in this case. However, it can be a daunting endeavour if the necessary tools of work are scarce. 

Why Cybersecurity Consultancies performing Risk Assessments are Beneficial to Hedge Funds

In this article, we provide an overview of cyber-attacks and how hedge funds benefit from cybersecurity follow-ups.

The Rise of Trading Apps and what it means for Hedge Funds

Digital trends in financial technology are on the rise and are causing gnawing pain to UK investment markets.

How Private Equity Firms are Raising Capital in 2021

Even though it is a pandemic troubled economy, they have continued to thrive. Private Equity firms are expected to go through a strong momentum in 2021.

Why do Hedge Funds Use MSPs?

Amidst a pandemic stricken economy and the resultant fear of the unknown, a steady increase in demand for hedge funds is imminent.

Why Family Offices Benefit by an Ultra High Net-worth Individual

For most wealthy individuals, there comes a time when the daily management of their family matters supersedes their capacity to cope.