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How High School students are making more money than top analysts jobs by flipping jpegs online

With the average financial analyst jobs starting salaries at £30,000 in the UK, NFT’s are proving to be an alternative source of income for the younger generation.  

How to be more elastic in an age of continuous disruption

My advice to Managers? Make yourself accountable for stakeholder value as if you were a corporation – and one that you intend to sell.

Why a Global Corporation Tax Rate is Good News for Hedge Funds

Rishi Sunak has led the talks in the UK, with the historic talks intended to end the world’s biggest companies avoiding tax in countries they do large amounts of business in.

Why Hedge Funds Don’t Like Discord Groups

With increasing amounts of discord members investing in the markets, and working together, is the era of hedge funds domination over the markets coming to an end?

Top100 Most Influential People In Service Provision For The Investment Space

The TwoandTwenty Top 100 list was released and has led to celebrations as well as disappointments. 

Starting a Hedge Fund: Requires an MSP

Well-established hedge fund MSPs typically bring a more seasoned and reputable management team than young, inexperienced companies.

Why Penetration Testing Is Important

Most businesses hold high value data and confidential information on clients and customers. Losing important data could have devastating effects on your business.

In-House Cybersecurity vs Outsourced Cybersecurity

Protecting your hardware is essential, but whether the protection is in-house or outsourced can make a huge difference.

Why family offices need cyber security

Family offices are usually made up of a small number of employees, who will have access to information but are careless with securing it,

Hedge fund managers and CGT

Hedge fund managers drawing down income and CGT rather than PAYE may have been worried about yesterday’s budget.

Why MSP’s are important for Hedge Funds

The MSP’s responsibility is to take on the tasks of what your current IT staff are doing.  Available to hedge funds of all sizes.

Have Family Offices Been Affected By Covid-19?

As Covid-19 has affected billions of individuals globally, it has also had great impacts on global markets and businesses. Including the framework that supports family offices.


GameStop has pitted stock market professionals against the armchair investor, whose numbers have swelled during the coronavirus crisis as they seek to make their money work

What is Two and Twenty?

Two and twenty (or “2 & 20”) takes its name from the standard fee arrangement in the hedge fund industry and is also common in venture capital and private equity.

Starting a hedge fund overview

Starting a hedge fund demands a concentrated effort on the part of the manager, sponsor, and key personnel that will form the core operating team for the fund and adviser.

Raising Capital

Raising capital is the greatest challenge of all because of the enormous competition for investor dollars between traditional and alternative investments alike.

Starting a Hedge Fund: Service Providers

Starting a hedge fund and ultimately running the fund in a professional manner requires the assistance of several key service providers.

Hedge Fund Bonuses beat City Bonuses

Traders in the square mile and Canary Wharf are facing an uncertain time as we hit the Christmas period, the reality is that bonuses, are likely to be smaller than usual.

Hedge Funds vs PE Funds

Hedge Funds and private equity funds have homogeneous investor profiles drawn from ultra-high-net-worth individuals and high-net-worth individuals.