Our Services

Quarterly Journal

Our journal originated to offer a fresh way for Hedge Fund Owners, Principals at Family Offices and Founders of Private Equity Firms to consume information regarding the service provision sector that seeks to supply them. 

Each quarter our journal offers editorials, information on current trends, in-house and submitted articles, topical reports, and an overview of the current service provision landscape. It also touches on the changes happening within our core neighbourhoods of Mayfair and St James’s, as well as introducing new features such as Cecilia’s List, which has now been reproduced for our website. 

Our quarterly journal is only produced as a hard copy version and is only available to those working within Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Investment Houses, or Private Equity Firms, if you wish to receive a future copy of our quarterly journal, please contact Emanuel on er@twoandtwenty.co.uk 

Selection Service

2&20 is set up to assist Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Investment Houses, and Private Equity Firms in when it comes to selecting providers, this ranges from office rentals, and furnishing the offices, through to technology and security, everything Hedge Funds, Family Offices, Investment Houses, and Private Equity Firms need, except for investment advice and investment infrastructure. 

Our selection service is based on the need to deliver service, quality, delivery, convenience, and reductions in costs. The options available from our selection service include, advertising of contracts, procurement advice, invitation to tender, tender evaluations, framework agreements, and selection and award criteria.

Our selection service is predicated on establishing minimum requirements or standards that bidders must meet in order to progress further in the procurement exercise. Our extensive industry expertise ensures only relevant suppliers are invited onto any procurement exercise we undertake on behalf of our clients. 

No matter the complexity of arrangements required 2&20 will deliver the best shortlist for your needs from the flowers in your office, to the private jet to take you home, and everything in between.