Bob Bob Ricard


The food is amazing and there is a press for champagne button. For 2021, this is where you go if you want to take your clients to Soho or beyond, the first place after you cross Regent Street that contains food you can eat, and vodka served at minus 18 degrees. This is a venue in its own right and not just a jumping off point for the evening, but it can become that as well.


Superb and fashionable, the impressive Knightsbridge restaurant is a meet-up for the rich and famous, swanky bankers, and sporting superstars. Offering up Japanese dishes, the immaculate flavours and embellished efforts are glimpsed upon through the procession of start of the art sushi and sashimi. The mix of clientele creates a fantastic opportunity to meet an eclectic range of people.

The Lampery  

The Lampery can be found inside the Apex City of London hotel, and is suited to that of a business lunch. With tonnes of space and multiple music choices, it can be regarded as one of the coolest business hotel restaurants in London. With great food and impeccable displays, you will not be going hungry here.

Motcombs (Belgravia)

As one of Belgravia’s finest, Motcombs is a restaurant glowing in the glamour of doing things how they should be done. With an unobtrusive and smart mood, Motcombs is best for clients in the evening as you get to in the piano or jazz, or even the DJ’s until late. Institutional investors can be found here most evenings, so it can be a useful starting point for the evening.

Helix (Gherkin)

Occupying the top two floors of the Gherkin, Helix has the views to keep those investing in property aware of new opportunities, it also has the feel of intimacy and privacy which are conducive to creating an air of trust for a business lunch.


The ever-changing clientele is in stark contrast to a restaurant that has never changed, where it was once stockbrokers in top hats then traders in braces, there is now there distinct feel of hedge funders mixing with those in the arts and it has become a better place to go, because of it.

Boisdale (canary wharf) 

Boisdale is a restaurant that is effortlessly able to combine taste, good music and fine dining. With 900 different malt whiskies available, large cheese boards, a cigar room, and private dining rooms, it offers clients an experience they will want to repeat, making it a great venue for introductory meetings.

The Ivy City Garden

The Ivy City Garden is possibly Bishops Gate’s finest restaurant. With a large availability on the menu, their classics are unbeatable. Whilst the menu is mainly the same as those found across the Ivy collection, they do have few special dishes specific to their location. Given the great location, the Ivy is great for business lunches, where you’ll bump into many other meetings on the way to your table.

Goodmans Canary Wharf

Goodman is a steakhouse offering specialty cuts from their in-house ‘ageing room’. From Yorkshire grain to the famous Wagyu, Goodman has options for all its customers.

Based in Canary Wharf, it’s as if Goodman has picked up their Mayfair restaurant and pasted it into Canary Wharf. With a New York style, the steakhouse is a perfect place for hedge fund managers who love their steaks and a welcoming atmosphere for their clients.

Yauatcha (Soho)

For those who enjoy a Chinese cuisine, Yauatcha is a suitable, high-end restaurant for service providers to bring their clients to. With a brick-lined basement room, equipped with an illuminated fish tank, their ultra-professional service will ensure your meal is just how you want it to be, including a quick but tasty meal.