Combining the blend between natural and complex grey wood and delightfully inspired wall coverings, the warm recent refurbishment manages the backdrop to harmonise the classics served in the critically acclaimed Franco’s. Throughout their marvellous restaurant, it is a perfect breakfast location for both hedge fund principals and providers to the hedge fund space.



Based on a discreet corner in London’s wealthiest neighbourhood, sits the private members club, George. Situated in Mayfair, the club hosts its conglomeration of hedge fund managers, and brags its favouritism of billionaires, so you never know your next investor could be having breakfast here too. The carefully curated menu hosts distinguished classic British dishes with a trendy twist.

The Wolseley

The ‘café’ restaurant, the Wolseley, incorporates London’s heritage and Viennese magnificence.  It’s black, gold, and cream colour scheme indicates stature, and you may easily visualise the buzz of conversation and the clank of clutter to have echoed around the high ceilings since the 20s. The kitchen is recognised for its breakfasts and is a favourite with European investors.

The Foyer at Claridge’s

The Foyer at the Claridge’s hosts a grand art deco ambience, capturing the imagination of the many visitors entering the restaurant. In the centre of the room hangs a Chihuly sculpture, with the walls shimmering original art deco mirrors. Breakfast without the piano playing that accompanies lunch or dinner, makes it ideal for meetings at breakfast rather than later in the day.

The Colony Grill Room

The colony grill room is accessed through the Beaumont hotel, and possess an American twist. The restaurant serves a whole range of options, where you can enjoy eating in a leather booth, in your own comfortable space. Service Providers can often be found on their second breakfast of the day here.


Located in a hidden oasis deep into Mayfair’s Lancashire Court. The menu offers a wide range, so much so that it can take you a while to decide. When the sun is shining, enjoy their outdoor grass area, in the summer this a pleasant and unusual location to bring clients.

45 Jermyn Street

A restaurant so fantastic, your clients will be in awe of 45 Jermyn street’s glamour. With a trolley that is wheeled around to deliver your caviar and the menu always on par with the current season, you won’t be leaving unsatisfied. With the restaurant creating an ambience for itself, your breakfast meeting will be the highlight of your day.

Petrichor Restaurant

A fantastic venue for a group breakfast was the design of the space, which encourages an openness and an ability to bond with your team, possibly more a venue for internal team functions, than one with clients or potential clients. Team bonding always strengthens relationships and communication even within funds.

Hawksmoor at Air Street

Hawksmoor, when it reopens for breakfast, will return as one of the best and certainly largest breakfasts in Mayfair, with the curved wooden and brass fittings and stained glass windows team together with the lighting to produce an art deco inspired feeling. The booths offer the opportunity for a private conversation for a few clients, making it a favourite of the service providers when taking out their PE and Hedge Fund clients. 

St James’s Caffé

Italian coffee and a great breakfast, this is where to go for the quick catch up with a client, just to keep in touch, on the way into the office. For those new to the industry, this where you can start to get recognised quickly.